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MEGI®-Ring-Elements - MEGIFLEX®-Discs

Assembled in a package applicable as compression-elements and tear-elements.
For a strong and hard mounting or isolation of structure-borne-noise for the light and heavy weight engineering as well as vehicle and railway vehicle construction.

Type of load / -directions:

  • compression
  • tear (only assembled as in package)
  • impact
  • Shear (only Ring-Elements)
  • combinations (compression/tear)

Statically maximum load :

  • compression: 6,1 kN (Ring-Elements)
  • compression: 82 kN (Discs)


MEGI®-Ring-Elements are available in different sizes and Shore A-hardnesses
MEGIFLEX®-Discs are available in different sizes and in hardness middle

MEGIFLEX®-Discs and MEGI®-Ring-Elements are mostly assembled as packages pairwise and will be prestressed. So they are able to take tear forces and compression forces.

Details and technical datas like dimensions and loads are available from the chapter of the MEGI®-catalogue by following the link:

Datasheet:              MEGI®-Ring-Elements / MEGIFLEX®-Discs

If you are looking for a special MEGI® part number you are welcome to use the search function on this page above.

Examples of use:


MEGI®-Ring-Elements for lower loads and lower shear forces
MEGIFLEX®-Discs for higher loads however shear forces are not permitted

Mostly assembled as packages pairwise for the mounting of:

  • axles / torque supports / leaf spring ends / hinged supports
  • cabins and stalls
  • superstructure

Special properties:

  • high specific compression-load ability
  • with the right construction arrangement a tear-off-safety mounting is possible
  • spring stiffness is adjustable by combination of several elements
  • assembly to impact-system-devices and tear-systems-devices are possible


  • by arrangement pairwise against each other of two Ring-Elements or two Discs you can double the compression stiffness compared with a single element
  • higher constructions respec. higher arrangements have to be supported against shear forces