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MEGI®-U-V-W-Shaped-Parts - MEGI®-Ceiling-Element

For the particular soft elastical mounting of light weight instruments, devices and gadgets!

Type of load / -directions:

  • compression (V-W-Parts)
  • Shear (U-Parts)
  • Tear (only Ceiling-Elements)

Statically maximum load :

  • Compression: 600 N (V-W-Part)
  • Shear 1400 N (U-Part)
  • Tear: 750 N (Ceiling-Element)


These elements are available in
Shore A-Hardnesses as follows:

  • soft (40°)
  • middle (60°)
  • hard (70°)

Details and technical datas like dimensions and loads are available from the chapter of the MEGI®-catalogue by following the link:

Datasheet:              MEGI®-U-V-W-Shaped-Parts / MEGI®-Ceiling-Elemente

If you are looking for a special MEGI® part number you are welcome to use the search function on this page above.

Examples of use:


For the mounting or wall installation of sensitive.....

  • gadgets
  • equipment
  • devises
  • instruments
  • for fastening or suspension of tube systems or light systems
    (Ceiling-Elements with tear-off-guard)

Special properties:

  • different stiffnesses in three directions (U-Lager)
  • soft mounting


  • Strength category of the screw joint (U-Part): 5
  • No tear load of the elastomer permitted (U-V-W-Parts)