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MEGI®-Rails - MEGI®-Bars

For elastical mountings of heavy weight machines, engines and aggregates.

Type of load / -directions:

  • compression
  • shear
  • combinations (compression/shear)

Statically maximum load:

  • compression: 800 kN


  • Type with supernatant base plate
  • Type without supernatant base plate
  • Type as stop rail with one side metal plate
  • depending on quantity other variants and geometries are possible

Every type are dispoable in hardness soft, middle, hard.

Details and technical datas like dimensions and loads are available from the chapter of the MEGI®-catalogue by following the link:

Datasheet:                                MEGI®-Rails 

If you are looking for a special MEGI® part number you are welcome to use the search function on this page above.

Examples of use:


Mounting of:

  • heavy weight machines and engines
  • aggregates, electrical and combustion engines
  • tolling machines
  • passenger elevators and freight lifts
  • vibration machines

Special properties:

  • very high specific compression load
  • customized confection in length and drilling pattern
  • length up to 2.000 mm


  • No tear load of the elastomer permitted