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Industrial Hoses

For your needs the right hose!

Tubes are used in many areas of daily life and technology to convey liquids, gases, fluidized solids, or solids in powder or granular form. The hoses are exposed according to the application to mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical stresses.

The high flexibility, vibration absorption, noise reduction and the ability to convey corrosive fluids are the main advantages compared to steep pipes.

According to the field of application of the particular tubing, the dimensioning occurs regarding to the core, the plies, a spiral, and the cover. We also assemble hoses according to your wishes with couplings.

Quality hoses by Meinert GmbH meet diverse requirements such as:

KTW Cat A / B / C according to drinking water regulations
DVGW W270 / W549 according to drinking water regulations
FDA compliance for food
BGA policy for hygiene requirements
UL listing for different fire classes

In addition to the range of standard hoses Meinert GmbH designs and manufactures customized solutions to meet your needs.

Please allow us to call your attention to our operating instruction for hose assemblies.

Also available at download center!

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