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We provide all the fittings and fasteners separately as well, so that you are able to assemble the hoses at your site on your own.

Couplings - in various stainless steel, steel, brass and aluminum versions
TW couplings (tank truck couplings), brass / stainless steel - cam segment / seal / tension ring
Compressed air claw couplings

Food glands according to DIN 11851

System Storz

System Kamlok

System Perrot

System Guillemin

Hose nozzles - in different materials and designs
tank truck hose nozzle - female part / male part

Clamping shells according to EN 14420-3 or DIN 2826

Clamps - in various stainless steel finishes and galvanized steel models:

New and the most dimensions are on stock on call!

JCS Hi-Torque® worm drive hose clamps in
W5 stainless steel quality (1.4401)(316)

  • Worm Drive Clamps - W4 / W5
  • Chuck Jaw Clamps - W1 / W4
  • Prefabricated Clamp

Swaged Couplings - in different materials and designs

Not mentioned fittings and fasteners are possible as well, please do not hesitate to ask us!

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