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We offer hoses made of rubber, plastic or metal with steel wire or plastic spirals.
The Reinforcements are made of synthetic textile inserts, kevlar or aramid fibers, spiraled or braided steel inserts - exactly matched to your application.

Water Hoses
Steam Hoses
Food Hoses
Air Hoses
Gas Hoses
Suction- / Ventilation Hoses
Suction- and Conveying Hoses, abrasion resistant
Oil Hoses
Chemical Hoses

Many hoses with approvals and compliances.
The high-quality hoses from Meinert are used in many different areas

  • for chemicals, solvents, acids, alkalis and gases
  • for wastewater, sewage and manure
  • for drinking water, food and beverage according to current requirements
  • hydraulics and pneumatics
  • for oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, biodiesel and exhaust
  • for inks, pastes and viscous liquids
  • forPellets, granules, powder, sand and gravel
  • for the construction, high pressure, steam and vacuum

Hoses can be bought by meter or assembled according to your specifications.

Send us your requirements and we will be glad to develop your individual solution!

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