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MEGI ® Marine Engine Mounts

For the elastical mountings of engines, machines and aggregates in the maritime environment are currently the following mounts available:

  • Mount 742 848 - so-called little "Butter Dish"

    • available in hardness 55° / 60° / 65° und 70° Shore A
    • vertical loadable up to 15,1 kN
  • Mount 777 153 - Double Bush Bearing

    • available in hardness 55° Shore A
    • vertical loadable up to 14 kN

These mounts were engineered, designed and created by the ccoperation bewteen company Meinert and Continental.

Detailed technical data regarding dimensions and loadability are available on request - we will be pleased to consult you!

If you are looking for a special MEGI® part number you are welcome to use the search function on this page above.

Example of use:

Mounting of:

  • electrical, natural gas and combustion engines
  • machines and aggregates
  • compressors and pumps

Special properties:

  • height adjustment
  • tear-off safe
  • roll-over safe
  • max. acceleration data for the maritime requirements
  • different stiffnesses in horiziontal directions
  • delivery in prestressed mode
  • easy installation by screw connection