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MEGI®-Machine Mounts

For elastical mountings and partial tear-off safety mountings of all kind of machines and aggregates.

Type of load / -directions:

  • compression
  • shear
  • combinations (compression/shear)

Statically maximum load:

  • compression: 21 kN


MEGI®-Machine Mounts are available with square flange and 4 fastening bores or
with oval flange and 2 fastening bores. They are mostly disposable on stock on call for a very short delivery time in types as follows:

  • Type without tear-off-safety guard
  • Type with tear-off safety guard
  • Type with height adjustment

Every type is available in hardness soft middle and hard.

Details and technical datas like dimensions and loads are available from the chapter of the MEGI®-catalogue by following the link:

Datasheet:                                MEGI®-Machine Mounts 

If you are looking for a special MEGI® part number you are welcome to use the search function on this page above.

Examples of use:


Mounting of:

  • eccentric presses
  • thermal power station, communal heating station
  • aggregates,  electrical and combustion engines
  • tooling machines, machine of all kind
  • compressors and pumps
  • vibration machines
  • vehicle body superstructures

Special properties:

  • Ratio of the stiffness in vertical and horizontal direction is almost 1
  • very good horizontal guidance
  • by fastening of a pair of MEGI®-Machine Mounts in a row vertical and horzontal stiffness can be changed


  • strength category of the central screw joint: 5
  • other strength categories on request
  • no tear load of the elastomer permitted
  • by using a height adjustment do not use the complete length of the bolt