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MEGI®-Bushes - MEGI®-Ring

For the elastical mounting of axles and applicable as flexibles knuckle joints

Type of load / -directions:

  • axial
  • radial
  • cardanical
  • torsional
  • and combinations of above


Statically maximum load:

  • radial bis 17,7 kN
  • axial bis 6,3 kN


MEGI®-Bushes und MEGI®-Rings are available in various
sizes and types as follows:

  • MEGI®-HL-Bushes
  • MEGI®-AS-Bushes
  • MEGI®-Rings

Details and technical datas like dimensions and loads are available from the chapter of the MEGI®-catalogue by following the link:

Datasheet:              MEGI®-Bushes / MEGI®-Rings 

If you are looking for a special MEGI® part number you are welcome to use the search function on this page above.

Examples of use:


For mounting of:

  • axles  / handlebars
  • maschines / aggregates / engines
  • superstructure
  • applicable as flexible knuckle joint


  • Maximum axial load depends on the axial prestressing
  • For transfering of torsional moments and axial loads it is very important that the inner tuba as well as the outer tube ist fasten very well