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Philosophy and quality policy of company Meinert GmbH

Quality Policy of company Meinert GmbH

Our quality policy is taken into account the expectations as well as the requirements of our customer range. It is containing the obligation of all company levels to fullfill the defined demands as well as the continuous improvement. This is the basis to determine and to check our quality goals.

This policy is a guiding principle for the job of all employees. The executive board is responsible to make public the policy to the entire company as well as that this is populary understood and will be carfully attended to.

The quality policy is constructed as follows:

  • high quality and service awareness in all company levels
  • consideration of the requiremets of the customers, standards and laws
  • steadiness and continuity in the cooperation with our customers and suppliers
  • well defined, understandable and sustainable processes
  • quality protection by four-eyes-principe as well as technical and electronical measurement methods
  • frequently questioning and continuous optimising of consisting procedures
  • high degree of flexibility in the entire organisation
  • employees with high level of expert knowledge

Quality is counting on every single employee.

The executive board as well as every single staff member has a role model for his own area of responsibility.

Here you can have a look at our code of conduct:

Code of Conduct