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We provide technical molded products made of major polymers such as rubber, plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and thermosets, which are manufactured with the following technical processes:
Compression Molding Process
Injection Molding Process
Dipping Process
Mechanical Processing

Depending on the required amount, geometry and function we offer you the best solution in terms of material and manufacturing method.

Some Examples:

Compression Molding Process: the product material is inserted into the press manually
mainly for rubber
simple geometries
small quantities
Example: gaskets

Injection Molding Process: the material is injected through the tool into the press
complex geometries
high accuracy
higher volumes, due to higher utility costs
Example: Handles

Casting: the article material is casted into the mold
mainly for polyurethane
complex geometries
Example: gears of polyurethane

Dipping Process: the tool (mandrel) is dipped in the product material
mainly CR / NR rubber products
simple geometries
Example: Protective covers for hydraulic cylinders

Machining: The article is made by machining from solid
mainly plastics and polyurethane
simple geometries
small, medium and large series
Example: valve seals made of POM

We look forward to offer you a proposal for solution!

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